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After promising test results in petri dish studies, some Chinese scientists came to believe that hydroxychloroquine was powerful against viruses in general, and for COVID in particular. Nearly 55, Americans have coronavirus, fueling desperation for an effective treatment. Chloroquine is being tested in clinical trials, but is not yet proven to work.

Developed during World War II and approved by the the Food and Drug Administration FDA in , hydroxychloroquine cured about half of the 24 patients who received the drug there were 36 included in a French clinical trial published yesterday. It was the first clinical trial of the drug for treating COVID after Chinese scientists found that it killed the virus in lab experiments, according to a study published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal on March 9. Hydroxychloroquine is also used to treat some forms of arthritis in some instances.

When it was released half-a-century ago, the malaria drug was hailed for having milder side effects than its predecessor. The drug can cause strange, bad and vivid dreams and difficulty sleeping. Taking hydrochloronoquine can also cause your heart to race, trigger headache, fainting, severe dizziness, nausea, a slow heart rate or weak pulse, muscle weakness, numbness and tingly, anxiety and irritability and low blood counts.

Still, with the death toll of coronavirus nearing in the US, even a drug with significant side effects would be cause for hope in the battle against coronavirus, for which there are currently no proven treatments. Because it is already on the market and FDA approved for other uses, hydroxychloroquine can be more easily used off-label, so long as patients qualify to receive it under the Compassionate Use Act.

That may mean prescriptions of the drug will only be approved for use in the most severely ill patients, although Hahn did not specify the criteria for prescribing hydroxoychloroquine to coronavirus patients. It could be months before the drug is widely distributed, if the data the slowly trickles in on the select patients approved to be treated with it under Compassionate Use and clinical trials suggest that it is safe and effective.

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Doctors and Pharmacists Recommend Great video, thanks for sharing! Given the dynamic nature of this situation, maybe this needs a [Feb 18th] tag. Whoa didn't realize it was that prevalent. I looked into it for vitamin c infusions long story , seemed to be an easy test to find. Something they could look at while looking for covid if there is an intent to treat it?

Yes, but hydroxycholoroquine is a safer alternative. Previous discussion. I'll also note that chloroquine is very dosage sensitive and lethal when overdosed. I posted this a week ago. I guess a week is a long time in politics Is it close enough to chloroquine to be the same?

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Keen to know this too. Additional possible drugs are alluvia, actemra. I think there's a study out for alluvia. Things to avoid are aspirin suspected basses on [1] and ibuprofen French govt recommendation.

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On a phone. Based on PBPK models results, a loading dose of mg twice daily of hydroxychloroquine sulfate given orally, followed by a maintenance dose of mg given twice daily for 4 days is recommended for SARS-CoV-2 infection, as it reached three times the potency of chloroquine phosphate when given mg twice daily 5 days in advance.

They take pains to point out that they should not be administered at the same time as that can lead to a fatal complication, and also that chloroquine as a treatment overall has not been subjected to a rigorous medical study. The paper says clinical tests used both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. In discussing the results, they don't seem to differentiate between the two, unless I missed it. When administering chloroquine, the hydroxy- form is a very long-lasting metabolite.

Damn, another hydroxychloroquine user here. Gatsky 8 days ago. Apparently the possible utility of chloroquine was discoevered because SLE patients on it in China weren't getting Covid during the outbreak. Cantbekhan 8 days ago. And as discussed previously before in many submissions, hydroxichloroquine is already actively being used against Covid19 by at least the following EU countries: - Belgium - Netherlands - Switzerland - Italy reply.

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How many people received it etc.? Cantbekhan 7 days ago. Sure look at my comments on other threads reply. It did.

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Since then they've done more studies, have started even more studies, and have deployed it en masse as a treatment. It's been described as a "cure" where it was used in Australia after Chinese patients demanded they be treated with it, and Australia is starting a nationwide trial.

Pakistan had Bayer start up the closed production line and deliver , doses. But Italy is a mess So it is not an actual cure?

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  • No but preliminary evidence is that it might speed up recovery. I'm not sure if that applies in elderly if they're already getting sever lung issues though. At that point maybe the damage is already done? The guidance was adopted far too late but may slow the spread and reduce deaths. You have to catch things early. In Australia, Chinese immigrants came to their doctors and said "I have a symptom and I demand this prescription and here is the research and I won't take no for an answer. So if you are say the US and have widespread BS regarding testing and prevent people from getting it, by the time they are tested and their results back it's too late.

    There's no chance the US will come to their senses and start using or even producing this drug in time to help stop mass deaths. Some people bought animal grade chloroquine and are self treating, but all that supply is gone now for purchase. Doctors won't prescribe it in the US either, for their own reasons.

    In China and South Korea you can get tested if you have symptoms and you can start treatment if you have symptoms.