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Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID, but both the drug and chloroquine phosphate, a related antiviral medication, are currently under investigation for efficacy against the coronavirus and have been requested by US government officials to be made available for use immediately.

FDA Looking Into Anti-Malaria Drug Chloroquine to Treat Coronavirus: Commissioner

Early studies of hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate suggest they are having a positive effect. Notably, a study of chloroquine published in Virology Journal showed that it slowed the spread of the SARS-cov virus in primate cells. SARS-cov emerged in China some 20 years ago and killed under people in the outbreak.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, German company Bayer, and US firm Mylan are also donating millions of tablets of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and ramping up production. Remdesivir is also being used as treatment in Israel, according to the Health Ministry.

There are also a number of vaccines in the works, including in Israel where scientists at the Migal Research Institute announced earlier this month that a new vaccine they developed for a deadly virus affecting poultry is being adapted for human use against the disease.

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Israel is also on the frontlines of the efforts to develop rapid diagnostics tests for COVID to help identify more patients and help curb the stem. Since late December, the novel coronavirus has claimed more than 13, lives and has infected over , people worldwide as of March The outbreak began in China but spread quickly with Italy becoming an epicenter of the pandemic in Europe.

Let me see if I understand: An inexpensive drug [Hydroxychloroquine] that has a 70 year safety profile for human use, and abundant evidence it cures COVIN 19, is not being recommended for immediate use? While government bureaucrats sit on there hands, ordering lengthy clinical trials, people are dying everyday, the U. I am on Plaquenil hydroxychloroquine for my rheumatoid arthritis. Something that has not been mentioned is that this drug is somewhat toxic.

My rheumatologist switched me from Arava on March 1st. Before I could start taking this anti malarial drug, I had to have a number for special tests performed by my opthamologist. I do have side effects such as stomach upset etc. Those that seek perfection and control through trials when we are destroying the economy with a panic are myopic. The real health damage will ultimately result from the economic consequences.

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Act now and act fast. Cheryl: I sympathize with you and hope your stomach upset side effect soon abates. The Texas state board of Pharmacy just added some much needed regulation for prescribing Plaquenil and Azithromycin.

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Dr must state diagnosis, limit treatment to 14 day supply and no refill. We had a dr calling in and ordering tablets for himself!!!

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Only saw in the article that Mylan is starting to make the drug in West Va. In which country is hydroxychloroquine being manufactured now? Secondly, could there be a study done by pharmacies contacting patients on the drug for rheumatologic reasons, and see how many have gotten Covid-2? Would give us an idea about prophylactic efficacy. It makes too much sense and would be too easy to do.

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And then if it was proven by statistical evidence that the drug was effective as a preventive measure, it would be called anecdotal. Usage of hydroxychloroquine sulfate: Is it to be used by those with positive Coronavirus test to lessen or stop the impact of Coronvirus? Is it to be used to prevent catching the Coronavirus? What dose and how often should it be taken and for what result? No large trial yet. Check for side effects.


Watching the test results very carefully. When I learned of the potential treatment and even profalactic effects of this drug early last week, I actually felt grateful for my disabling chronic illness for the first time ever. We pray that let the drug be tested to Corona virus treatment and be supplied soon to save lives of people. By Ed Silverman.

Coronavirus UK: Potentially effective malaria drug running out

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